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AC Repair

When your AC goes south, call the penguins at Artic Air for icy-cool service that’s a breath of fresh chill! We’re here to turn the heat into a cool retreat. 

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Northeast Florida AC Repair

For top-notch AC repair services in Northeast Florida, look no further than the skilled HVAC technicians at Artic Air. Our experts in AC repair and replacement are ready to lend a hand with any of your air conditioning issues. When it comes to air conditioner repair in Northeast Florida, Artic Air is the trusted choice. Reach out to us today, and let us ensure your cooling needs are met with excellence!

Top-notch AC Replacement or Repair in Northeast Florida is Just a Phone Call Away

For superior Northeast Florida AC repair, simply give our company a call. Our AC repair technicians are exceptionally trained, experienced, and well-versed in all aspects of air conditioners. When you require the expertise of a Northeast Florida AC repair professional, reach out to Artic Air at (386) 325-5095 without delay. We’re here to assist you!

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Reasons To Call Our AC Repair In Northeast Florida Professionals

There are several different reasons to give our professional techs who specialize in AC Repair. These reasons include, but are not limited to:

  • Funny smells coming from the unit
  • Dirty or clogged looking filters
  • Out of place noises coming from the unit
  • A lack of cool air being supplied by the unit


Common AC Problems We Can Repair

Our AC repair experts in Northeast Florida are well-prepared to address a spectrum of issues, ranging from routine refrigerant recharges and tune-ups to more intricate and challenging problems that demand thorough diagnosis and repair. If you’re unsure whether your AC requires attention, be vigilant for signs such as the following, which could signify the need for professional service.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair:

  • Your energy bills have suddenly increased
  • Your air conditioner is starting to make loud and unusual noises when running
  • Your indoor air quality and humidity levels have changed
  • Your system is producing warm air instead of cool air
  • Your AC is beginning to emit strange odors
  • Your temperature varies and fluctuates between rooms
  • Your system no longer is providing sufficient airflow

You can count on our honesty as well, if it makes more sense for you to consider replacing your AC rather than spending money on costly repairs.

Servicing ALL AC Equipment

Our skilled HVAC technicians offer air conditioning repair services in Duval County and neighboring areas, catering to a wide range of home air conditioning equipment makes and models. Whether your residence relies on a central air conditioning system or a ductless alternative, our team possesses the technical expertise and hands-on experience to swiftly diagnose issues and provide effective solutions. artic air ac

We repair ALL Types of Air Conditioning Equipment, Including: 
  • Central Air Conditioning Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Air Conditioning

Our adept Northeast Florida AC repair technicians are capable of addressing air conditioning issues of any size, from minor to major. We prioritize excellence in our hiring process, ensuring that you receive top-tier service from the most qualified professionals.

Clean, Reliable Air Conditioning Repair Service

At Artic Air, our technicians not only resolve your air conditioning issues but also prioritize safeguarding your home and delivering meticulous, tidy repairs. Our commitment extends to leaving your home in an equal or improved cleanliness state than when we initially arrived. With our Northeast Florida AC repair specialists, you can trust that no one will provide a superior job or treat you more considerately than our team at Artic Air. 

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